Pretty young lady outsmarts her sakawa lover as she marries White client he asked her to chat (video)

There is a new video trending on social media that has told the story of a pretty young lady who is said to allegedly outsmart her ‘sakawa’ boyfriend to marry his Whiteman client.

In the video spotted on an Instagram page, the pretty young lady was having fun with her Whiteman lover as the video proved that they went on many adventures.

Pretty young lady

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From the looks of things, the Whiteman has already married the pretty lady and they are already chilling and having fun, the lady looked so much happy as the Whiteman who is said to be a client of the pretty girl’s ex-boyfriend took her to places.

The post we saw explains what went on before the Whiteman and the lady are seen together. The video however alleged that the lady in the picture was asked by her then ‘sakawa’ boyfriend to pretend she loves the Whiteman so he can easily get money from him as the sakawa boys do.

The sakawa boy’s goal was to lure the Whiteman through this pretty lady into sending her money and later cut ties with him after he had drained the foreigner of all his wealth.

God is so good that the sakawa boy’s dreams couldn’t come to reality as his girlfriend who was assigned to chat with the Whiteman (client) till he sends them money ended up falling in love with him.

See the post below swipe to see more chilling videos of the sakawa boy and the pretty lady as well 👇