Meet The Poor Woman Who Has Been Pregnant For 5 Years (See Details)

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Sometimes we hear some stories which look amazing but sometimes we hear stories and get emotional. Meet the poor Woman who has carried a baby in her stomach for 5 years.

In this era, nothing stays hidden because of social media and other means of spreading news. There is one thing I know that is, the mystery of this amazing life is not one to be solved, but it is rather one to be lived, and the story I am about to share with you today speaks volumes.

The woman we are talking about today is called Jane, and she is in her early 40s. Jane has been battling an unknown disease that has caused her belly (stomach) to grow larger as days come and go.

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According to a source, Jane was living ok with her loving and caring husband until this unfortunate disease hits her. She woke up one day feeling heavy, which made her smile and rejoice as she thought she was pregnant.

Days went by, weeks into months, and months into years, and the pregnancy remained unknown.

Jane, in this case, waited for months until delivery was near, she then tried visiting the hospital but upon her visit, she was informed that there was no pregnant but suffering from an unknown disease.

Many Doctors have tried their possible best numerous referrals but no one seems to known the cause, not alone the solution to Jane’s life-threatening health condition.

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According to Jane, she sees her situation to be more spiritual and not a mere sickness since it happened from nowhere and she can remember no signs of early symptoms.

She made it clear that her eldest daughter has dropped out of school all because of the high financial burden that has descended on their family as a result of her unfortunate sickness.

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