You Are A Big Fool If You Call Me Micheal Jackson – Yaa Jackson Blast Social Media User

yaa Jackson

Ghana’s Afrobeat singer and actress Yaa Jackson descends on a social media user for sharing an old and new photo of her.

Yaa Jackson is the daughter of Jackson K Bentum, a movie Director in Kumawood. Jackson has been behind the smiles of many Ghanaians for the past decades,

Yaa Jackson got the opportunity to be featured in so many movies at the early stages of her life, her father did well by introducing her in almost all of his big movies.

She is considered to be one of the best young Ghanaian songstresses in the music industry, she started music and entered into the limelight with her hit songs.

Yaa Jackson has been criticized by many Ghanaians on her dressing and other aspects of her social media life. Now the news for today is all about a social media user who gridded Yaa Jackson’s old picture when she was dark in complexion some time ago.

The Social media user posted that old picture with the current photo which has a new and fair complexion, Yaa Jackson. The person social media user made fun of Yaa Jackson for bleaching her skin by using her two photos.

The social media user captioned the post with “Yaa Jackson and Micheal Jackson”.

Yaa Jackson gets angry after seeing the post, she quickly retweets the photo with “You are a very big fool. What will you gain from this?”