Moesha Buduong attempted su!s!de (Video)

Moesha Boduong attempted suicide only for the efforts of mechanics around Lotus Gardens to save her. She attempted to jump off an uncompleted building.

Repented Moesha Buduong has communicated some of her experience after slaying for some time before being born again.

The actress who recently gave her life to Jesus Christ publicly shared some effects of sleeping with rich men for money.

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Moesha Buduong

After she was saved from jumping off a story building by good Samaritans at Lotus Gardens in Accra, she said this to others during evangelism. She shared some of her experiences in life as a slay queen. She recalled snatching people’s husbands, smoking weed, and others.

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Moesha Buduong

According to reports, some mechanics rushed to the rescue of Moesha Budoung after some women in their houses saw her attempting to kill herself by jumping from the uncompleted building.

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Moesha Buduong

Moesha said because of the dirty money they give them, they spiritually take away their glory, wealth, and shine; in short, they lose their destiny. By this, she encouraged young ladies to work hard to get what they want and to reach where God wants them to.

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