Young Man Reveals What His Ex-Girlfriend Did To Him

A young man took to social media to describe his ordeal at the hands of his ‘wicked’ ex-girlfriend.

This young man mentioned it in a recent post on his personal Twitter account.

The text of his post is as follows:

“When I was dating my ex, two weeks into our relationship, her ex burst in her house when we were together to talk to her. He threw me out. I slept outside whilst they had sex. He left in the morning and I came back in. I forgave her and we dated for 1 year after that.

She cheated on me multiple times and sometimes he left his underwear here and she forced me to wash them. She broke up with me for him and now they’re engaged.”

Reactions his post got are;

broda_henry – F00l of the year Award goes to you!!!! Congratulations!!!🎈

unapologetic_sina – U didn’t remember to add that “he tied your sense in evil forest”

boots.and.more – You don’t need sense to love oh
Her love makes you a happy mumu 😂
Who would believe this story tho 🤔

f_chillz – 😂😂 even if CIA torture me, I can’t let this out ever

bintuchristianaconteh – If this story is true then it was obsession not love🙄


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