‘My Fiancee Ditched Me For Being Emotionally Unavailable’ – Young Man Says

A young man has taken to social media to make known the conditions under which he was ditched by his fiancee.

The young fellow spread the word about this in a new post that was made by the well-known social media relationship mentor, Auntie Momoza.

In the post, he expressed that he was unloaded by the woman since he was genuinely not accessible and it was clear he had no clue about what that implied on the grounds that he made a move to ask what that implied.

The post reads;

“Dear Momoza. What do women mean when they say someone is not emotionally available? I got dumped for being emotionally unavailable and that time I don’t even know what it means. I went to a public school and Meneer Monyela taught us English in Sepedi. Can someone please break it down for me in simple terms?”

Some reactions the post got are;

Pius Xulu – You need to know when to switch your emotions on. Women are emotional creatures by nature and men are to be logical and when you’re too emotionally available as a man you get played & heart broken. You get easily manipulated to dance to her guitar like a simp when you’re always emotionally available. Keep your emotions in check and worry not about your English.

Ma Fo Mkholorh – You don’t support her during her worst days like when she wants someone to confide in you’re not there for her hope uyangiva🥺

Mamiey Rodgers Xilumani-Ngwenya – Time,attention,empathy and communication might be lacking.
Or there’s another hyena lurking around whispering sweet things to her ready to steal the competition is tough.


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