You will ‘cry’ after knowing this secret about our leaders

You will cry after knowing this secret about our leaders

African leaders are gradually letting their countries down, they seem not to care about what will improve their various countries.

Today we are not talking about African leaders but concentrating on Ghana. Ghanaian leaders are not helping at all, instead of investing the small money we have, creating jobs, and planning to wait for the future, Ghanaian leaders are rather doing unproductive investments which importance will last for a small period.

Ghana is used to unnecessary purchases to an extent that we now buy trees.

Guess how difficult it is before the money is raised in the nation. If I think of how Ghana is financially unstable, how we borrow and misuse the revenue then discourage sets in. A friend of mine told me as government changes Ghana is running into the mud of poverty”. When I cracked my brain on his thought, my conclusion was the same as his. Why am I saying this? 

Some amount of money which could have been used to manufacture chairs for school children used rather on the unexpected goods while the people suffer. What will happen to the country if there is no Christmas tree at Kotoka International airport

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When students are under stress studying and in death threatening buildings, our leaders will also be spending on irrelevant goods. How can we spend 34k on purchasing a Christmas tree? What will be the use of it after Christmas? 

What kind of leadership is this, buying a Christmas tree at 340 million old currency, even at a discount price. How many foreigners did that tree attract and how much did the nation acquire as revenue? What at all do these leaders want to see from us.

Ghana’s economy is turning into ashes. May those in authority want the next generation to suffer more than how we are doing.