Wizkid Is Bigger Than Your President – Nigerians Defend Their Star Artiste

Wizkid’s inability to show up at his concert in Accra has triggered an alarming contention via social media.

While embittered Ghanaian fans explode with anger and disappointment, calling out the musician for disrespecting his fans, Nigerians on the other hand, have shielded one of their own.

As per some Nigerian fans, Wizkid did nothing out of character for failing to fulfill his call at the Accra Sports Stadium for his concert because he’s bigger than Ghana’s president.

They held up their point of view, as they maintained that Wizkid’s star power as an artiste, outshines even the most elevated office holder in Ghana, thusly, Ghanaians ought not blow this matter out of proportion.

Read some of the comments below…

@Highestboy1 commented: Wizkid is bigger than your president and country so that will never happen

@ForeignEmmy commented: Wizkid to Ghanians RN Y’all keep sending una popsy concert videos, i go dey watch maybe i fit perform for una mama. Can’t believe y’all broke fans really thought Big Wiz will perform for y’all. Weak show organizers

@bigproddy wrote: Imagine arresting someone bigger than your president.

@MummiesBoy wrote: Even your president with the big belle no even get that heart to arrest industry Popsy

In the mean time, Ghanaian patrons who paid Ghc30000 just to witness the Wizkid Live In Accra concert are requesting for a refund.

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