Why Do Fully Clothed Women Go To Church Looking For Husbands – Efia Odo Asks Ghanaians

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Efia Odo

Efia Odo is back again with another question on social media and this time it is a question to all Ghanaians.

Efia Odo is one of the female celebrities whose dressing becomes the problem or the point of discussion. Efia Odo is also known to be one of the people who started the fix the country demonstration but she dropped out of the campaign shortly after they landed in court.

Efia Odo has got to know that people think she is not married because of her dressing or because she posts her almost [email protected] pictures online, she took to social media to ask why do fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands just like she’s also looking for love.

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In her latest post, She claimed that she is tired of how she’s been played when it comes to love and now wants real love and not to be played again and the response from netizens has got her to ask why women fully clothed are also searching for husbands.

According to Efia Odo, many people think she hasn’t been able to settle down because she’s always [email protected] on social media so why do fully clothed women go to church looking for husbands if what is preventing her isn’t something they are doing.

Efia Odo is right to ask such a question but what she needs to understand is that men of today don’t only marry a woman just because she’s fully clothed though that also counts but there are more to what men look for when getting married.

screenshot below;

efia odo

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