Who Shot PnB Rock? LAPD Detectives Start Investigations To Find PnB Rock’s killer

PnB Rock Net Worth 2022

PnB Rock’s killer

Detectives from the LAPD are searching for PnB Rock’s killer around-the-clock, even alerting nearby pawn shops to look out for the rapper’s stolen jewels.

Investigators are optimistic that an arrest will be made, according to law enforcement officials, and they have spoken with PnB’s friends and family to find out precisely what kind of jewelry he was wearing when he was killed.

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According to reports, investigators have been in touch with a number of pawn shops in the vicinity and asked them to call the police if anyone tries to sell the stolen goods for a profit.

The murderer would want to get rid of the jewelry as soon as possible, the hypothesis goes, because it would connect him to the murder.

Our sources state that investigators think the culprit singled out PnB based on social media posts.

Just before the shooting, the rapper’s girlfriend, Steph Sibounheuang, revealed their whereabouts along with a video of the rapper wearing multiple pricey chains.

In addition, we’ve been told that surveillance footage of the entire crime captured it all… Despite the shaky video, sources inside the eatery claim. Police have looked around for more cameras and are hunting for a potential getaway car.

Our law enforcement sources say the killer was wearing a mask at the time of the shooting.

TMZ broke the story, PnB and Steph were eating lunch Monday when the killer entered the restaurant, walked straight to PnB and demanded his jewelry. The rapper was shot multiple times, and rushed to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.


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