Who Is Jennette McCurdy? Why She Didn’t Return For The ICarly Reboot

Jennette McCurdy

If you loved iCarly, you may want to know who Jennette McCurdy is. This teen sitcom on Nickelodeon premiered in 2007 and ran for six seasons before ending with the ‘iGoodbye’ episode in November 2012. Despite its short lifespan, the show has garnered a cult following and many fans.

Jennette McCurdy’s character on iCarly

While the character of Sam Puckett may have been one of the most popular characters on iCarly, McCurdy was also a troubled person off-screen. While her character became a beloved sidekick to the main cast, the actor and actress did not pursue acting as a career after leaving the show.

McCurdy’s experience on the show prompted her to leave the show. In an interview with Anna Faris on her fish out of water podcast, she opened up about the challenges she faced as a child actor, and her reasons for leaving the show.

McCurdy has often described the challenges and pressures that come with becoming a child star. She struggled with eating disorders, and had to face acting pressures after iCarly ended in 2012. She has since skipped several Kids’ Choice Awards and reported mistreatment on her show Sam & Cat. She has since recovered, and she is enjoying the limelight as one of the most popular characters on the show.

Her struggles with an eating disorder

Jennette McCurdy played Sam Puckett on the hit Disney Channel show from 2007 to 2012. The character quickly became as beloved as the rest of the cast. Afterwards, she starred in a spin-off, Sam & Cat. After the show ended, she opted out of returning to the reboot. However, her history with the series is long and varied.

Who Is Jennette McCurdy Why She Didnt Return For The ICarly Reboot

While McCurdy didn’t speak publicly about her decision to not return for the ICarly Reboot, the actress has been candid about her issues with an eating disorder. In 2013, she discussed her experience with an eating disorder with her brother Dan. In 2013, she also discussed how she dealt with her overbearing mother. She later addressed the subject in a blog post, but didn’t return for the reboot.

McCurdy’s book is likely to focus on her relationship with her mother, but she may also touch on her experiences with “the Creator.” It’s likely that the creator of iCarly is Dan Schneider, who also created Sam & Cat. While he has not publicly identified himself as the Creator, McCurdy has called him out before.

Her departure from acting after iCarly

The actress behind the iCarly Reboot reveals her motivation for leaving acting after the reboot. She says that she felt unfulfilled by the roles she had played in the past. Despite this, McCurdy is open to taking on acting roles in the future. After all, she has always wanted to become an actress. So, her departure from acting after the reboot is not totally unexpected.

The iCarly reboot cast reunited for the first time in nearly 10 years. The hit web show was a homegrown hit for teens who were involved in a series about teenagers hosting web shows. The show ran from 2007 to 2012 and spanned 95 episodes. The reboot premiered on Paramount+ in 2021, and the cast said goodbye to the original series. This news is sure to stir up a lot of fandom.

Her future in writing and directing

“iCarly” will re-open its doors on June 17 on Paramount+. The series originally aired from 2007 to 2012. The reboot will re-cast the cast from the original series. While the new show will include many familiar faces, McCurdy will not be appearing in any of the episodes. The actress and creator of the show has opted to focus on writing and directing instead.

After the iCarly reboot, Jennette Page is planning to pursue directing and writing. But the actress is not sure how she’ll continue with iCarly without Sam. The cast of the reboot will include new faces, including Laci Mosely and Jaidyn Wexler. She has also directed several films. But despite the high profile role, McCurdy isn’t sure how she’ll make ends meet once the series re-starts.

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