Who Are Kylan Darnell Parents: Aaron Darnell And Tonya Darnell

Who Are Kylan Darnell Parents: Aaron Darnell And Tonya Darnell

Who Are Kylan Darnell Parents?

Kylan Darnell Parents: Kylan Darnell was Model, influencer, blogger, and Instagram celebrity. The most often searched topic on the internet is Kylan Darnell’s parents since so many people are very interested in learning about the personal lives of their favorite celebrities. Check out Who are Kylan Darnell’s Parents in this post, along with a lot more information.

Regarding Kylan Darnell’s parents, nothing is known about them.

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Kylan Darnell Father, Aaron Darnell

In her socials, Miss Ohio Teen 2022 has never gone into great length about her father, Aaron Darnell. She has, however, included him in a few of her Instagram postings.

On April 13, 2014, she sent her father a picture of herself for the first time. The post’s caption read, “Just me and my dad.” She once more posted a photo of herself and her father on June 2, 2014, with the caption “Daddy,” and he was holding a fishing rod in his hand.

Speaking more specifically about Kylan’s father, Michael Gail and Patricia Ann Darnell are likely his parents. According to reports, they were both 80 and 79 years old.

Aaron Darnell, Kylan’s father, was born in June 1972, according to radaris.com. That indicates that as of October 2022, he was 50 years old.

According to Aaron’s Facebook, he currently holds two distinct occupations. First of all, he is the proprietor of AAA Pools, a business that specializes in concrete work, inground pool installations, pool maintenance, and winterization. Additionally, he works for Pine Creek Repair.

Kylan Darnell Mother, Tonya Darnell

Kylan never talks about her mother, Tonya Darnell, either, just like she never does with her father. She once shared a photo of herself, her mother, and a different child (perhaps Kylan’s sibling), Tonya, on her Instagram. “Momma” was the only word in the post’s caption.

In May 1976, Tonya Darnell was born. She was 46 years old as of the time of this writing, according to radaris.com.

Regarding Tonya’s employment, her LinkedIn profile indicates that she works as a homemaker. We did not have any information about her prior employment as of October 2022.

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