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What Killed Queen Elizabeth II? [Details]

What Killed Queen Elizabeth II? [Details]

What Killed Queen Elizabeth II

For some time, Queen Elizabeth II’s health was in doubt. Her duties had been reduced in the past year and she canceled trips on doctors’ orders. This tragic news is a devastating blow for the United Kingdom. The Queen was a cultural icon during her long reign and was admired worldwide.

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Her life as queen had shaped her public image and her monarchy. Yet, she kept her personal life separate from her royal duties and avoided private scandals. Her two sons, Edward and Andrew, insisted they didn’t need motherly attention. While she remained a staunch monarch, many people questioned why she remained aloof.

When Elizabeth was coronated on February 6, 1952, she was a symbol of stability and the monarchy. She ruled out abdication, ruled out mass migration, and negotiated the end of the empire. She dedicated her “whole life” to the service of the country. She also oversaw the handover of power from the then Prime Minister Boris Johnson to his successor Liz Truss.

When Elizabeth was nearing the end of her life, she began to suffer bouts of melancholy. She was mourning the death of her close friends and confidants. Elizabeth’s lady-in-waiting, Elizabeth Southwell, reported that her beloved Queen was haunted by visions of her dead body. In one of her final moments, Southwell found a playing card that had been pierced by a nail. Moreover, the Queen’s body was filled with foul vapors.

What killed Queen Elizabeth II

The death of Elizabeth II was a major shock for the people of the United Kingdom. Almost half of the British population had never experienced another monarch. In her reign, she was the most photographed person in the world. In fact, she met more than four million people during her reign. That makes her the most famous woman in history.

The Queen had a passion for horses, owning stud farms and a racing stable. She worked closely with trainers and even purchased thoroughbreds. In the year following her coronation, her horse Estimate won the Gold Cup. As the Queen’s eulogy, Dame Helen Mirren’s performance as the monarch won her an Academy Award.

Elizabeth met her future husband, Prince Philip Mountbatten, at the Royal Naval College. They began correspondence at age 18 and were married in 1947 in Westminster Abbey. Her choice of Philip was controversial as he was of German heritage.

In addition to his fiery personality, Philip also had a wandering eye. Elizabeth was 25 when she learned of her father’s death in 1952.

The queen’s health had been a cause for concern for years. Her declining health had prevented her from making many public appearances and solemn events. In recent months, she had largely withdrawn to her estate at Balmoral, Scotland. She continued to visit her home at the castle in the summer and spent most of her time at Balmoral.


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