What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer Fridge?

What Happened To Jeffrey Dahmer Fridge?

Jeffrey Dahmer Fridge

Jeffrey Dahmer Fridge: Although Jeffrey was taken into custody soon away, his home was empty throughout the trial. According to The Independent, there were worries that those hunting for mementos could want to purchase the deadly weapons he used to torment victims.

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The gruesome objects from Jeffrey Dahmer’s murder souvenir collection, however, were bought by someone else at auction.

A Milwaukee civic organization reportedly paid $407,225 for his possessions, including his refrigerator, according to the Washington Post.


The group’s leader, Joseph Zilber, decided to buy equipment to destroy them, including a refrigerator, knives, and hypodermic needles.

Some other sources reveal that many of Dahmer’s belongings were destroyed in the years after his death.

It included his cutlery and the refrigerator where the heads of the victims were found. 

The horrifying recollections of his crimes were never discovered because his possessions were taken out of state and incinerated at an underground trash disposal facility.

SOURCE: Ghnewslive.com