What Are Ric Flair And His Girlfriend Kelly Brewster’s Age Differences?

Ric Flair

If you’re wondering, “What is Ric Flair’s age difference with his girlfriend Kelly Brewster?” then you’re not alone. Ric Flair has been seen in public with two very young women.

The first two are from Florida, and the other is from New Jersey. Ric Flair’s girlfriend Kelly Brewster is a few years younger than Ric, making it all the more interesting.

While both Flair and his girlfriend Kelly Brewster are 28 years old, they have had a lot of health scares together. In 2010, Barlow contracted the Covid pandemic. Neither he nor his girlfriend stayed together. In 2017, Flair was diagnosed with early-stage kidney failure.

After years of alcohol abuse, he was at risk of congestive heart failure. He was given a twenty-percent chance of survival. Ric and Kelly met at an Indiana State University party, where Flair was attending. Later, she moved to Tampa.


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