Wedding Bell: Fatima Of Date Rush Fame Post A ‘Save The Date’ Picture With A Fine Guy And Adds A Love Message

Interestingly social media has been full of surprises, once again is here with another story from Date Rush, and this time it’s all about Fatima.

After Fatima got her date on date rush, people have been monitoring her page to see if she will share any updates about her date, surprisingly Fatima has just shared some beautiful photos of herself and some handsome man on social media.

First of all, Fatima is known for her weirdness and crazy style on the most popular Sunday reality show on Tv3 knows as Date Rush, but the photo she shared on social media has made many people fall in love with how she carried herself.

Fatima is one of the contestants who were on the show for a very long time before getting her date, this made her popular as she kept coming on the show each Sunday and also makes the whole thing enjoyable.

Fatima shared a recent photo of her ‘Save the Date’ pose with a fine gentleman and wrote, “Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.

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