Wayoosi Slams Quappiah & Big Akwes For Videoing The Dead Body Of Baba Spirit & Sharing It On The Internet

Wayoosi, a diminutive actor, has slammed his colleagues Quappiah and Big Akwes for filming Baba Spirit’s dead body and posting it on social media despite the family’s objections.

Baba Spirit was reported to have died of anemia, and Quappiah and Big Akwes were the ones who shared a video of his dead body to confirm his death, but Wayoosi is angry with them for that one act.

According to Wayoosi, Baba Spirit is from a family, and even if his family didn’t take care of him, he’s still theirs, so putting his dead body on social media, even if they were opposed to it, was wrong of them and only shows how f00lish they were at the time.

Wayoosi mentioned that Baba Spirit had a family, and whether they cared for him or not, he was still a member of their family, so all friends and colleagues should keep in mind that the family can do whatever they want and when to bury him.

Source: www.ghnewslive.com