‘Why I’m Still Quiet After Tracey Boakye Snatched My Man’ – Vivian Jill

Actress Vivian Jill has explained why she hasn’t spoken out about the claims that Tracey Boakye stole her boyfriend, Frank Badu, claiming she will always choose peace over conflict.

Most people expected drama when it was revealed that Tracey Boakye’s husband was Vivian Jill’s ex-boyfriend, and she also promised to speak when the time was right. However, I guess she has changed her mind about that because she has now finally chosen peace over the drama most people were anticipating.

She claims to be a morally upright woman, therefore she leaves everything to karma to handle for her. This demonstrates that she is not yet prepared to discuss what transpired between herself, Tracey Boakye, and Frank Badu.

We must all respect Vivian Jill’s decision and give her space until she is ready to discuss any topic. However, given her statement that she will let karma handle her dirty work, it is clear that she won’t be speaking any time soon.


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