Viral Trend the “Elbow Thing” on TikTok Explained

Viral Trend the "Elbow Thing" on TikTok Explained

If you use TikTok, it’s likely that you frequently come across films that you don’t feel completely comfortable watching. But on occasion, a trend can grow to such proportions that you watch a lot of videos about it without fully understanding what it implies.

The “elbow thing” is the newest fad of this kind, however depending on who you ask, it seems to describe various things.

What is the “elbow thing” on TikTok?

They appear to be honoring males who can do the “elbow thing” in a series of videos that were primarily uploaded by women. Sadly, despite the fact that many people have expressed a want to know more, these movies never provide any additional explanation of what the “elbow issue” is. One after another questions about the tendency in the comments under videos, despite the fact that others appear to be aware of it.

Many people believe that the elbow trend is baseless.

Although some seem to be genuinely interested in the “elbow thing,” others have concluded that the entire thing is a false fad intended to pique people’s curiosity. There isn’t much information available regarding what the trend is, therefore it’s unclear whether that is indeed the case. It’s all merely conjecture, mainly.

The “elbow thing,” according to one TikTok user’s instructional video, is when a lady pushes her boobs together to make them appear larger. That might provide some light on the enigma of the craze, but it doesn’t appear to fit with the videos that depict women applauding males who understand the trend.

Those videos make it sound like the sort of technique that a man would perform.

This would not be the first instance of a bogus fad becoming popular.

On TikTok, there are undoubtedly many genuine trends, but there are also trends that appear to have been made only with the intention of perplexing other users. A TikTok member recently made an attempt to persuade other users that there was a challenge that entailed crushing and snorting porcelain.

To add to the appearance of authenticity, those who were interested in making the challenge look legitimate even made a phony Fox News report.

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Of course, it’s also possible that the “elbow thing” is true and that people who are aware of it are merely keeping it a closely-guarded secret. It’s unlikely that the available explanations will assist you in figuring it out, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

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If you can do the “elbow thing” on top of all of that, you’re sure to find love.


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