Video of Diana Asamoah behaving strangely in a studio surfaces

Video of Diana Asamoah behaving strangely surfaces

Video of Diana Asamoah is trending online while some of her fans are also worried about what she was seen doing in the video.

Video of Diana Asamoah hits the internet: For the thousandth time, evangelist Diana Asamoah has attracted attention online with her odd prayers and actions in a radio studio.

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In the footage that has sparked worries about the famed gospel singer’s mental health, she could be seen sitting in a chair with one leg propped up on a table and shouting inexplicably while timed claps followed her.

Diana Asamoah has released videos of herself being caught on camera by the Holy Spirit and lifting up the name of the Lord in the process before, but this specific clip seemed peculiar since she was acting in an odd way.

Some social media users have suggested that she’s having a tough time because just weeks ago, her management for 20 years parted ways with her – She and her management spoke behind the scenes to amicably settle the dispute and are now back together but it’s evident all is not well out of the sight of the public.

Some reactions from social media users are;

i_am_benjylamps – Prayers mu Pro Max ??

airquah__adepa – Please we are back from Israel wai…we got baptized in river Jordan ??nti fresh anointing nkoaa???

mhame_akosua – ????????????

theleviteglorishia – No wonder kumchacha said she’s bipolar and depressed ???

goldielooks_clotheline – Your person just came back from Jordan where she was baptized in the river,then the heavens opened and a dove appeared and said “this’s my beloved slay mama in whom I’m well pleased” ????

gustro0508 – ????????eeeeeeeeeiiiiiiii

yhawa_painkiller12 – Eiiiii??

radar.chan.58 – She is drink

nanaamaowusunyarko – I thought the Bible said when you are praying hide yourself in a room do not let everyone see you? Who is she trying to impress? Hmmmmm ay3 cridicalllllllll????

amasika_asenso – She is lost in spirit…???

tillyhearts – Hehehehe

aku_gertrude_ – She is deep in the spirit

natural_skincare_gh – In the spirit oh Lowd ?