Video: Cecilia Marfo Shows Ghanaian’s Exactly How to Dance to Her Song.

Cecilia Marfo

In the past couple of weeks now Ghanaians have gone all crazy about videos of Cecilia Marfo singing English gospel songs

Cecilia Marfo has been one of the few celebrities who have trended over the past few weeks, she started trending after the release of her video singing an English Gospel song. She has been on top of the trending list on Twitter for some days now.

Cecilia Marfo has been tagged with some words she pronounced wrongly in the English songs she sang, some of these lines she has been trending for are ‘’ Hivi glory to the lord he ray “ and the most popular one now which is titled “washawasay “

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Since then a lot of Ghanaians have made so much fun of her inability to pronounce certain words correctly. Some have made a lot of videos on TikTok and other platforms portraying her and others to dance to it

In the midst of all these, she seems not to be concerned or bothered with the trolling and all

The Ghanaian gospel musician Cecilia Marfo has another video going viral on social media. A video where she was seen dancing to her popular “washawasay” song on a radio station in Kumasi. The presenters and others at the radio station joined her during the dance

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