TRENDING VIDEO: See What A Girlfriend Did To Her Boyfriend.


We are here with a video of what a Girlfriend was caught doing to her boyfriend.

South African men are not happy with this incident that just happened recently where a man is seen being mercilessly beaten up by his girlfriend who asked her friend to be recording the whole incident.

She is heard saying she’s tired of him and he is busy apologizing trying to stop her from beating him up but she is continuously punching and kicking him. The woman even got to a point where she took a shower and hit his head which was very unnecessary but obviously since she’s the one who is getting to do as she pleases, she is thinking that she is doing the right thing.

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It is all fun when women are doing this to men but when tables are turned women start protesting, so now that is why a lot of men are angry because even on the comment section women are busy laughing and saying this man knows what he did and that is why he is saying he knows that he’s wrong.

At the end of the day, no one deserves to be beaten up or killed just because they did something wrong, if you feel like what the other person is doing is not good for you then you must just leave the relationship.


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