Tik Tok Superstar Asantewaa Speaks About Marrying At Age 23 In Her Interview With Delay


Asantewaa is well known on Tik tok, she is one of the most-watched in Ghana, I am not sure many know she is married. Now stay we us till the end to know about her husband and her personal life.

Asantewaa as we know is not all that grown, she is married which many don’t know, she used to do Tik Tok videos with a fine gentleman people though is her boyfriend but the truth is he is her brother.

She made it known in her current interview with Delay that she got married at the age of 23 and she is married to the son of a top-tier member of the governing New Patriotic Party.

In the exclusive interview on the Delay Show, Asantewaa also revealed that though she is popular on social media and wears a lot of s3kzy dresses and her husband sees nothing wrong with that as he doesn’t restrict her from choosing an attire.

The Tik Tok superstar added that she gets a lot of complaints from people about her choice of dressing since she’s a married woman, but she made it known that her husband approves them before she wears them.

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Asantewaa continued by revealing how she met her husband, and she made it clear that she met her husband at a washing bay, they started dating when she was just 20years of age. She also said that she never knew he comes from a rich home before they started dating.

According to Asantewaa she only got to know he came from a good home right before they got married.

She also revealed that after 3 years of dating she decided to settle down with him, not because of her rich background but all she wanted to do was to be sure about her decision.

The husband of Asantewaa is the son of the Deputy General Secretary of The NPP, Nana Obiri Boahen.

She spoke about her social currency, Asantewaa said she makes money from these platforms especially Tik Tok. She credited her TikTok success to a bosom friend who introduced her to the app.

“This is my friend” (my coursemate). During the lockdown, she informed me that there is an app called TikTok, and had I heard of it? And she believes this app is intended for me. Download the app now. And I’m like, mate (I hear…)… So I downloaded the app and made my first video, which everyone enjoyed. When I woke up, people were tagging me and telling me that some bloggers had posted the video.”

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