This Is How Yoghurt and Other Foods Improve Vaginal Health

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Vaginal Health

Vaginal health as we all know is very important and needed in the life of every woman as it’s plays one of the key roles in making a woman complete.

Vaginal health is something every lady must pay attention to and with that, they should be doing regular checkups, regular exercises, treating infections as and when they appear, and practicing safe sex to help maintain good vaginal health.

As vaginal health plays a massive role in women’s lives, it is not an easy task to maintain good vaginal health. But there is always a way to keep your vagina healthy or to make sure the health condition of your vagina is good by eating well. Thus, eating foods that improve vaginal health.


Below are some of the best foods that can help you keep your vagina healthy or help you promote good vaginal health; 

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• Cranberry juice

If you need pure vaginal health, opt for cranberry juice. Cranberry juice helps prevents urinary tract infections as well as strengthens the pelvic floor. It also helps fight infections that may affect the vagina, therefore, improving vaginal health.

However, if you are consuming cranberry juice for such a purpose, then you will have to avoid those containing sugar. Go for raw cranberry juice without sugar if you want to improve vaginal health but if otherwise then you can go for those containing sugar.

• Yoghurt

The vagina contains a lot of good bacteria which protect it against bad bacteria which inhibit vaginal good health. Eating yogurt helps to increase the number of good bacteria. Good bacteria in yogurt also help provide a balance of acid in the vaginal fluid which helps in vaginal health. 

• Fermented foods

Just like yogurt, fermented foods provide enough good bacteria which help fight against any bad bacteria that enters the body. As a result, the good bacteria fermented foods produce help protect the vagina by fighting against infections and other things that may affect vaginal health.

• High fiber foods

Foods such as vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and legumes help strengthen and protect the vagina. Such foods contain prebiotics which is good for the smaller intestines and the vagina as well. 

• Water

Yes, water. Water may not be food but it helps in improving vaginal health. Water helps in hydrating the tissues of the vagina and also helps in flashing out infections. 

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