Things Romantic Partners Should Not Deny Each Other Even in a Misunderstanding


No romantic relationship is completely a bed of roses, as there will be moments where romantic partners will run into a misunderstanding due to a clash in philosophies and interests. Even at that; they are certain things they shouldn’t deny themselves because of the sensitivity involved.

As I earlier enumerated, every relationship – be it a romantic one or not is bound to experience strife at some point, when the time comes – it becomes pivotal for the partners involved to adopt tolerance and love in their dealings with each other.

Regarding this article, we shall focus on 4 things romantic partners should not deny themselves even in the face of a misunderstanding. See them below.

1. Respect for each other’s personalities and secrets.

No matter the level of resentment you have for your partner, never deny them respect. Most people are in the habit of seizing the opportunity of a misunderstanding with their partner to rain abuses on them and expose their vulnerability to the public.

Conforming to any of the above practices is one act of immaturity that might be costly to your relationship. I understand your partner might have offended you, but seeking revenge by hurting their emotions isn’t going to improve your relationship in any way, rather; it will destroy it. if you feel betrayed by what your partner might have done to you, discuss it with them calmly, or better still; seek the help of a professional counselor.

2. Lovemaking.

The idea of denying your partner the act of lovemaking due to their wrongs might not be the best approach to dealing with the situation; rather, it might worsen it. There are numerous cases where married individuals became promiscuous because their spouse deprived them of intimacy when it was needed. I’m not saying every married individual that feels deprived of lovemaking can seek satisfaction elsewhere, but you can reduce the odds of promiscuity in your relationship by abstaining from this practice.

3. Commitment to the relationship.

I understand you might be hurt emotionally, and you feel the need to revenge, but pushing through with your revenge mission might just compound things. Like I said earlier, every relationship has its ups and downs – even that of your mentors and superiors.

When there is an issue of strife in your relationship, it becomes pivotal to settle things amicably with your partner and not seize the opportunity to initiate negative energies that might hurt the continuity of your relationship.


4. Financial assistance.

This is one area most men are guilty of. They tend to extend their misunderstanding with their partner to the area of finance. Depriving your partner of financial aid, especially the ones to satisfy crucial matters is one practice that might lead to something grievous. Doing so might open the door for many vices in your relationship like; promiscuity, theft, loss of commitment and other menaces you can think of. 


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