The Story Of Joseph, The Pregnant Man Who Saw Death Face To Face.

The Pregnant Man Who Saw Death Face To Face - Joseph

There is no way or impossible and unusual for a man to be pregnant, but a 52 years old Joseph is said to be pregnant for 10 years.

The story of Joseph has raised eyebrows on social media. Joseph is a father of four children and very responsible. He told his story where he made it known that he wasn’t born like this, he was born normal and a very healthy child.

Joseph told his story starting from 1994, the year he met and married his wife, they both had four children and live together in their happy home. He said that he has been with his wife or they have been married 27 years.

He was a very happy man living with his wonderful wife and children before he suffered from this condition. He made it known that he had a job and it was good working at a Dutch company for 15 years and the pay was very good as well.

But the unfortunate thing happened where he got fired from work after a few years of enjoying life. He also said that, after he was fired, life started turning the wrong side of it to him as he started going through hard times.

During the hard times, he made a decision and sold his properties just to start a business that can at least feed his family. The business he started began to go well as he expected it but after some months it also collapsed. Life became very tough for the father of four, he then became irresponsible as there wasn’t income from anywhere to feed the family.

Joseph then fell sick at this time, His sickness made him go to the hospital back and forth for 6 years, but nothing was done to get him strong again. He made it known that he sold his last property to enable him to go to an advanced hospital.

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According to Joseph, his big stomach has nothing to do with pregnancy. After examination, it was confirmed that he was suffering from the hypothesis B virus. This disease is commonly spread by exposure to body fluids, and the treatment was too expensive for him to pay.

He then did all he could to pay for his treatment, but with no work and selling the last property he had and having to take care of his wife and children, he couldn’t afford to pay. He felt like dying. Not only that, but he saw the face-to-face, but it refused to claim him.

His friends who were with him in time of enjoyment all have abandoned him when he needed them most. This has become very devastating for him.

With life hitting him hard and friends abandoning him, he has turned to God and hope that one day everything falls in its place.

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