The man who was arrested and deported for being too handsome

The man who was arrested

Today’s story is about the man who was arrested and deported for being too handsome

The man who was arrested and deported for being handsome goes by the name Omar Borkan Al Gala and he is one of the most handsome men in the world. Omar Borkan Al Gala is a professional photographer, poet, and actor from Dubai.

This story looks soo unreal but trust me it happened live and colored. This handsome man was arrested and deported with two other friends from Saudi Arabia, and the reason behind their arrest and deportation is simple, they are too handsome. He was deported from Saudi Arabia over fears that women in the country would find him irresistible.

The three men, who are all from the United Arab Emirates, were attending the Jenadrivah Heritage and Culture Festival in Riyadh, the Saudi capital. As soon as they arrived, the religious police forcibly removed them from the event.

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Their reason for their arrest was that the number of females in the country was not enough for the men and for that matter were not allowed to speak to men they do not know. This is the key reason for the arrest and deportation. They were deported back to Abu Dhabi. This whole incident happened in 2013.

According to reports, he went to the festival with no intention to get attracted. However, since he was a star in artwork, people recognized him and the crowd around him grew. People came to him for autographs Which drew the attention of the police and got him and others arrested and deported.

This story went viral all over social media in 2013. He was later tagged as the most handsome Arab man.

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