The Fish rots from the Head, TESCON KNUST in shambles” ~ Nana Tuffour

TESCON KNUST in shambles


On my way back from campus last night, I met a guy who looked familiar. Apparently, he is a member of the Tertiary Educational Institutions Network of the National Democratic Congress (TEIN- KNUST) and was returning from the Public Screening of aspirants as part of the electioneering process for the group. As a very good friend of mine, he decided to give me an escort to my hostel off campus.

As usual, we had a very split-sided debate on matters of mutual interest from our TESCON and TEIN on campus, to the economy of this country and what the future holds for the teaming Youth in Ghana.

One major issue that I agreed with my very good friend from the other side was that TEIN KNUST has been the most vibrant and attractive students’ political group on campus as opposed to my TESCON KNUST.

This conversation with my green brother reminded me of my campaign days when I was running for President of TESCON KNUST and the vision I had for TESCON. I was saddened at the current state of TESCON KNUST because of how he expressed the enthusiasm, vibrancy and the energies in TEIN KNUST. My commitment to TESCON during my campaign days was to make TESCON the most vibrant and attractive students’ political group in Ghana.

I kept pondering and wondering how TESCON KNUST got into this mess?

I was particularly not in doubt about his opinion of TEIN KNUST because it has been evidently proven in the last eight to ten months after Miss Selma Yoda took the reigns of power in TEIN KNUST as its President, the improvement upon the good deeds of Master Theophilus Berchie has been impressive and tremendous. It goes without saying that TEIN KNUST has been developing year after year.

Salient amongst the impact Miss Selma Yoda has chalked this year was the visit of His Excellency, the former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama to the Alumni Connect program of TEIN KNUST. For me, that is the greatest feet a student political group can ever reach and Selma Yoda has delivered herself par excellence and written her name right in the history of TEIN KNUST on delivering her mandate as President.

I began to have deep thoughts about the current state of TESCON KNUST, the mother of all TESCON branches in Ghana. TESCON KNUST has since the handing over by the CN Baidoo led-administration has sublimed into abeyance with little or no significant improvement. Much as if, there is no leadership in TESCON KNUST.

Indeed, there is no leadership in TESCON KNUST currently because there has not been any progress, systematic change or improvement in the group since the beginning of the academic year. Again, I doubt there is leadership in TESCON given the numerous issues that has crippled the forward movement of the group with zero communication of any attempts to deal with them or any particular effort to address the concerns of the group. This is not what we were promised and we must be able to speak the truth to the Leadership of TESCON KNUST. Their silence to the issues in TESCON today is much louder than the promises in their campaign last year. Obviously not the kind of leadership they made us to believe. Indeed, by their deeds, we have realized their true colors. The mistake made was to add unto the one who had done nothing with what he was originally given and sadly, the unimpeachable results is what we have seen in the past eight to ten months.

As we speak aspirants and members in the TESCON elections are confused as to whether or not the Elections of TESCON would be held. Yet, there is no glimpse of hope being inspired by the Leadership of TESCON. TESCON is unable to run its elections due to several ‘machinations’ which is usually obvious and very characteristic of every TESCON election. However, that cannot hold the entire TESCON KNUST in ransom if there was proper leadership in TESCON.

This year would go into the history of TESCON KNUST as the worst TESCON regime in recent times and they must be ashamed of the TESCON they have supervised. It is very shameful to say the least. I do not blame them because the saying goes that the “FISH ROTS FROM THE HEAD” and indeed we have gotten to this stage because of the bad leadership TESCON elected for itself.

At this point, I had to part ways with and wishing my green friend the best in their election.

It is very instructive to note, as I conclude, that 31 young comrades appeared as aspirants before the committee for public screening for the TEIN KNUST election yesterday. This does not only speak to the attractiveness of TEIN KNUST but also the willingness and the urge of the young university student to choose TEIN over TESCON.

HOW DID WE GET HERE is still the question I keep pondering over.

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