Tears of Themis Legal Studies guide

Tears of Themis Legal Studies guide

Tears of Themis Legal Studies guide

Participating in Legal Studies is one of many things a budding lawyer can do in Tears of Themis. You can grind for upgrade materials (such as character and type chips) and resources that level up in Legal Studies (such as Stellin and Oracle of Justices).

Here’s everything you need to know about Legal Studies in Tears of Themis.

Legal Studies rotation chart on Tears of Themis

The catch is that you can’t grind for all of the materials in a day, even though you are allowed to grind as much resources as you like in the game. There will be locked possibilities for Legal Study depending on the day.

During some events, you may also be tasked to partake in consultation tasks. Since the card names on Legal Studies are abbreviated and some of them are similar sounding, it’s easy to spend AP on the wrong consultation by accident.

For example, despite the term “Legal” being associated with Artem the most, Legal Consults are actually for Marius chips. Meanwhile, “Analytical Reasoning” is different from “Reasoning.” The former is for Empathy chips and the latter (called “Reasoning Techniques” in full) are for Luke chips, which unlock on different days. Be careful!

Can I access locked Legal Studies in Tears of Themis?

If the Legal Study is locked for the day, you can spend 20 S-Chips to temporarily unlock it until the end of the day. Still, we don’t recommend that you do this since S-Chips are too precious of a resource to use on something you can patiently wait to cycle through.


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