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Flourished Ghanaian actress Jackie Appiah, has responded to reports of her supposed marriage arrangement with Liberian President, George Weah.

The actress has rubbished the assertions, stating that they’re concocted gossip.

Blogger Sammy Kay, posed an easygoing inquiry to Jackie Appiah, to share insights into her alleged pregnancy with the President of Liberia.

However, Jackie Appiah dismissed the issue, requesting that he ignore it.

There have been media reports that aim to purport that lovely Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, is getting married to Liberian President George Weah.

As indicated by the reports, Jackie Appiah consented to be the second wife to President George Weah, and their union was scheduled for December 26th, 2022.

There have been well established reports that Jackie Appiah is in a heartfelt relationship with George Weah.

As per reports, President George Weah has been behind the sumptuous lifestyle of the female star, as he supposedly gives her monetary aid.

At last, Jackie Appiah has given her feedback on the assertions, affirming that they’re all but bogus reports.

Widespread reports being consistently circulated on social media asserts that Ghana’s top ranking actress and celebrity, Jackie Appiah, is underway to wed football legend and president of Liberia, George Weah on December 26th.

Before the continuous spread of the unverified reports, rumours were already rife throughout social media, about a possible secret affair between the actress and the footballer, turned political leader.

This new influx of tattle was commenced on Twitter and albeit there’s an ounce of truth in any given number of generated rumors, this specific one in question is still uncorroborated, hence, rendering its validity somewhat difficult to prove.

Nonetheless, a portion of netizens who appear to believe the news have expressed their views from a broader perspective, and as per them, Jackie misled her fans, as well as Ghanaians in general when she made it seem like she obtained all her costly properties through earnest work, unbeknownst that her friendly benefactor was quite possible behind her luxurious way of life.

If you’d remember, 3 months prior, Jackie seized attention on social media in the wake of sharing a video of her posh mansion decorated with state-of-the-art accessories.

Soon after the video turned into a web sensation, a great deal of cybersurfers emphatically believed that she didn’t put up the house all alone and thusly, there was a secret element hidden somewhere, who aided in funding the entire venture.

This recent development of Jackie Appiah consenting to be the second wife of George Weah has justified all suspicions of critics, in the event the report holds some truth.

The following are a measure by which some Ghanaians have responded to the reports of Jackie Appiah consenting to be the second wife of George Weah.

Steve Wayford – Jackie of all people to be 2 wife this life money talk and she is willing to accept to be and good luck her.

Owoahene Kotoko – Finally, the mansion financier is out.

Diana Fiadziso – Wow congratulations am happy for her.

Richkwenor Owusu – women and money, plenty money that she is having she cannot marry a poor man so that she can also help him

Samuel Mensah – Now you all know where the mansions are coming from.. I am sorry for the Liberia Dollar… By now some fine lady bi too is enjoying our Ghana cedi shatta wale come for your stone

Bertha Adjei – This lady and smartness ah well, she knows what she is doing

Amponsah Bismark – So all the lavish lifestyle are sponsored by Liberian money, ayoo that’s also good

Nearly two years now, conjectures that have been making waves on the internet indicates that Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah is in an unconfirmed relationship with existing Liberian president, George Oppong Weah.

Adding to that, it was also revealed some time back that Jackie Appiah was pregnant for George Weah, an uncorroborated assertion that sparked a wild discussion on the web.

The rounds of gossip aiming to suggest that Jackie is secretly involved with George Weah began after she praised him when he won the official political race in Liberia.

Furthermore, that post appeared to verify a string of connection with the previous international football star for Liberia.

Another viral report that has now been disseminated on digital platforms, affirms that Jackie will soon wed George Weah on December 10th, 2022, which happens to be this coming Saturday.

The source of this yet-to-be-affirmed news indicate that the elegant Canadian-born Ghanaian actress, has consented to be George Weah’s second spouse.

Currently, there’s no sign or indications on any of Jackie Appiah’s social media pages that suggest that a potential wedding event is underway this coming Saturday, hence, rendering the information, unsubstantiated at the moment.

However, all efforts are being taken to ensure that the information at hand is fully verified to keep you apprised of events, as and when they unfold.

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