Snake Bites The Testicles Of Level 300 Student Of The Assin Fosu College Of Education

We have chanced upon a report that revealed how a level 300 student of the Assin Fosu College of Education is currently battling for his life.

He was hospitalized after he was allegedly bitten by a snake, and per what we gathered, the snake delivered the bite on his testicles while he was answering nature’s call.

A report by Gh Gossip stated that this young guy was extremely dumbfounded when the incident occurred as he stood on his feet after feeling a pinch in his testicles.

Wondering what has happened, he saw the snake curled up and ‘smiling’ at him and the fortunate thing about the incident is that he received the non-venomous strike.

The victim, after the bite, shouted for help and he was rushed to the St. Francis Hospital in Assin Fosu.

In other news, it has ended in premium tears for a guy who thought he had gotten a lady on social media to satisfy his sexual desires.

This guy is from Kenya and in a recent social media post, he shared how a lady she met on social media stole the money he planned on using to pay his rent.

The post the guy made reads;

“She told me she was a model and works with local companies especially in doing promotions. I was attracted to her beauty and her slender body drove me crazy. I invited her to my house one Saturday evening and we had a great time.

After she was done with the shower, she can to the kitchen covered herself with a towel and gave me a kiss. She then went to the bedroom and locked herself inside and I thought she was going to put on sexy lingerie to surprise me so I took my time preparing breakfast.

After 20 minutes in the bathroom, I came out and she was nowhere to be seen. I tried to call her but her phone number was off. I checked the drawer where I used to keep mother and other valuables and my Ksh70k I had withdrawn to pay rent and other bills was missing My newly purchased Samsung gear watch was also missing.

I rushed to the gate to ask the security guard if he had seen Wambo leave and he told me she was picked up with a bodaboda. She blocked me everywhere and it hurts me when I think about her.

I’m yet to pay this month’s rent and have been avoiding calls from my landlord. I will never again go online looking for a soulmate, once I heal from the heartbreak, I will start going to church because I’m convinced I’ll find my life partner there.”