Story of how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer taunted prisoners to murder him because he ‘wanted to die’

How serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer taunted prisoners to murder him

how serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer taunted prisoners to murder him

According to a prominent interviewer who spoke with the legendary murderer, Jeffrey Dahmer was a psychopathic serial killer who supposedly “taunted” other prisoners because he “wanted to die.”

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Nancy Glass, a six-time Emmy Award-winning producer and writer for CNN’s Inside Edition, spoke with Dahmer in 1993. A year later, he was murdered in prison by another prisoner.

Nancy explains her reasoning for believing that Dahmer “intended to die” in an interview with The Sun Online.

To get the exclusive interview, Nancy spent more than a year and a half getting to know the serial killer and his family.

“He was not pleased with the interview,” she said. “His family were so angry. They said to me, ‘You’ve made him look like a monster!’”

Nancy’s view was that Dahmer “made himself look like a monster”.

She added: “I don’t want a criminal to be pleased with their portrayal.”

Nancy kept talking to the Dahmer family after the interview, despite their rage at how it had gone. and kept in touch with the murderer right up to his passing.

Christopher Scarver, who was also in prison, killed Dahmer with an iron bar in 1994 at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin.

He was said to have made other prisoners laugh in the months before he died by acting like he enjoyed doing bad things.

Prisoners say that he would shape his food into body parts and spray it with ketchup to make it look like blood, which seems to be a reference to the fact that he ate people.

Nancy, however, is of the opinion that this was a result of his desire to pass away.

She acknowledges that this is why she wasn’t at all shocked to learn of his horrific demise.

“I believe he taunted people, he wanted this,” she said. “He wanted to escape. In prison, he couldn’t do what he wanted to do, which was to continue his evil behaviour.”

She added that in the interview, Dahmer freely admitted that he still had the same urges.

I believe he taunted people, he wanted this. He wanted to escape

Nancy GlassJournalist

Nancy questioned the murderer about whether he would continue to commit crimes if he were to walk the streets.

Calmly, he replied: “Probably. If this hadn’t happened, there’s no doubt I probably would be. I can’t think of anything that would have stopped me.”

It was clear to Nancy that Dahmer “still had these urges,” and that “he wanted to get rid of that”.

Dahmer claimed to have found faith and converted to Christianity while incarcerated.

Nancy thinks that Dahmer was convinced that if he changed the minds of other prisoners, he could make up for what he had done wrong.

She remembers that after Dahmer died, his father told her he was heartbroken, not because his son had died, but because he hadn’t been able to change the minds of other prisoners.

Nancy says that Dahmer wrote mostly about Jesus in their letters, which they exchanged almost up until he died.

“He said his lord and saviour would forgive him,” she said.

Despite this, she thinks he suffered in his last months because of what he had done.

“He stayed up all night and slept all day because he couldn’t face the daylight,” she said.

“Let’s not sugarcoat this, he was a psychopath.”

The most bizarre part of the interview for Nancy was how much Dahmer wanted to talk.

“He wanted to talk to somebody, and he had gotten used to talking to me,” she said.

Nancy, who today is CEO of Glass Entertainment Group and has more than 22 TV shows and podcasts currently in production in the US, admits she hasn’t watched the Netflix series yet, but “definitely will”.

“It’s not meant to be a documentary, it’s a TV show,” she said.

“We are still fascinated by serial killers as a society because it is so baffling how anybody could be so cruel and do such terrible, terrible things.”


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