Stonebwoy Fans Descend On Tinny After He Appeared On Stage At Bhim Concert

The fans of Stonebwoy, received veteran rapper Tinny, with a wild uproar of hostility, when he made an appearance at the Bhim Concert, which occurred on Friday, December 23, at the Grand Arena, Accra International Conference Centre (AICC).

To recap previous events, there was animosity between Tinny and Stonebwoy, instigated by Aletse Kankpe, quite recently, when he called him names via live radio, after the Bhim Nation boss settled his debt, amounting to Ghc 2000.

During the concert, Stonebwoy enlightened his fans, reminding them that everything revolved around togetherness, hence the need to foster ‘one love’, while a faction of his fans, yelled ‘Away’, in response.

A couple of months prior, the talented Ga Hip-hop rapper, expressed his anger towards his fellow industry colleague on OK FM, for paying the said sum of money to an event organizer, who asserted that Tinny owed him, without him calling him to verify the genuineness of the man’s claim to begin with.

“I saw it as just a bunch of fools, a bunch of idiots who had gotten the opportunity to be on radio. Merqury Quaye is number one, the toppest idiot. The other guy who was also speaking was also a fool. And I wasn’t expecting my colleague Stonebwoy to also be a fool. Stonebwoy also joined the fools to be a fool,” Tinny, otherwise referred to as Aletse Kankpe, stated a while back.

At the point when Abeiku Santana, the show host, made it known to Tinny that Stonebwoy was simply being a helpful colleague in the matter, thus, deeming it appropriate for him to shield him from his violent attacks, he remained adamant, as he refused to exclude Stonebwoy from his rageful outbursts.

Given the aggressive reception extended towards Stonebwoy, on the part of Tinny, it comes as no surprise that BHIM Nation acolytes felt it fit to give Tinny, a taste of his own recipe.

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