Stephanie Benson heartbroken (Details)

Stephanie Benson heartbroken

Stephanie Benson heartbroken

Jonathan Benson, Stephanie Benson’s better half, has admitted to his significant other that he occasionally thinks about other women while having intercourse with her.

In an Instagram video, the singer asked her spouse, “When we make love, have you ever thought about anybody else?”

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Jon responded with a ‘yes,’ prompting Stephanie to express her surprise, admitting she was taken aback by Jon’s response.

As indicated by Jonathan, he has thought about Hollywood actresses Charlize Theron and Halle Berry before, when having sex with the mother of five.

The husband and father likewise tossed a similar inquiry at Stephanie and with certainty, she mentioned that she has never at any point thought about some other man besides her husband while having intercourse with him.

“Never ever have I thought of another man, never ever have I had another man’s face in my head. It is weird. Because I mean, you an old man, this old man’s face is what I see,” she added.

Broken-hearted Stephanie told her husband, “I don’t fantasise about another man’s penis” while Jon stared at her for a moment before the couple continued on the topic.

The couple shared a kiss after their heart-to-heart and open conversation which had some social media users commend her husband for being an honest man.