She-Hulk Writer Talks About KEVIN and Kevin Feige’s Reaction

She-Hulk Writer Talks About KEVIN and Kevin Feige

Fans are wondering if Kevin Feige voiced the AI ​​when She-Hulk met KEVIN in the show’s finale. Jessica Gao, the show’s executive producer and head writer, revealed that the voice we hear coming from the AI ​​isn’t that of studio president Kevin Feige, but he had a significant hand in creating the show. KEVIN. The writer says the studio was very open to the ridiculous aspects of this finale. Feige threw a few suggestions at them and was very athletic about the idea.

The president of Marvel, however, wasn’t willing to go that far when the writers lobbied for Feige to come into the studio to voice the MCU’s operating system. Even without her voice on the show, it was the most original Marvel project conclusion yet, and social media was exploding with praise for her.

Gao claimed that the producers encouraged Kevin to do the voice work, but he refused and they even argued over the baseball cap. Kevin believed that a machine wearing a baseball cap would be absurd.

The KEVIN cameo



The icing on the cake is the unexpected participation of Marvel’s top boss, as he achieves two goals at once. First off, mocking Feige is as meta as it gets; no one would ever expect Marvel’s CEO to poke fun at himself like that.

Second, Jen and Kevin’s argument about the X-Men, various MCU characters’ fathering issues, and how to deal with overall weak endgames transcends what many fans have criticized online, and She-Hulk succeeds. to pass this review.

It’s logical to assume that Feige and Marvel Studios used She-Hulk as a means of communicating with fans. Besides being a humorous reveal, it was also a success as the studio provided audiences with a totally original conclusion while addressing ongoing themes.

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