Shatta Wale Reveals His Charge Rates For Shows He Performs At In Ghana

Ace Ghanaian Dancehall artist, Shatta Wale, not only makes the news on a constant basis due to to his controversial nature as an entertainer, who maintains a certain standard of attention for relevance and trend, but he’s similarly talked of as a result of his costly charge rates as a certified artist who books shows in Ghana, being a highly demanded performer who knows how to thrill his fans during his stage shows, and has spoken about the amount he charges for his shows.

Shatta Wale disclosing his fee rates during the shows he performs at.

During an interview that took place recently, Shatta Wale revealed that he is one of the very few artists, or arguably the only artist in Ghana to raise the stakes of performing fee rates, to $100,000 for his show performances.

As indicated by the multiple hitmaking musician, he comprehends the specifics involved in bringing in cash from his music records, and accordingly has promoted his music across many platforms, by charging higher rates than whatever his fellow colleagues and rivals charge.

“I am the first artist in Ghana to charge $100,000 for a show,” he uncovered this insight to Giovanni Caleb on TV3 when he was asked to discuss the amount he accrues.

Shatta Wale likewise added that occasionally he takes cash for shows and never appears because of a break of legally binding arrangements.

Shatta Wale.

The SM president insinuated that he accepted $120,000 for the Wildaland Show and never took the stage to perform his act. He likewise took $100,000 for the Cardi B show in Ghana and failed to make an appearance.

In spite of the fact that Shatta Wale has not been approached for shows like the Afronation, Afrochella and, surprisingly, the Global Citizen Festival Show, the artist has kept up with the notion that he is currently the main performer who increased current standards when it comes to artists taking in substantial cash to perform at shows.

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