Shatta Bandle Loses His Cool, Wears Baby Diaper

Shatta Bandle Loses His Cool, Wears Baby Diaper

Shatta Bandle has been trending online after wearing a baby diaper in a new post on Instagram.

Shatta Bandle, a self-proclaimed billionaire, has lost his cool after revealing that a man he did business with stole his money while he was clothed in baby diapers and drank from a feeding bottle.

In an Instagram post on July 9, 2022, the small socialite cursed at the anonymous person he refused to identify and gave him 24 hours to refund his money.

“I’m the young richest nigga and I did business with you but then you escaped with my money. Do you think you are wise? F****ing bastard. I give you 24 hours to return my money to me,” he ranted.

Shatta Bandle also wrote a long caption to explain the reason for his fury in a post that read:

“With all due respect to all my Famz. I know you have never seen me in this kind of reaction before. But I have to call this dude out. Bcs his trying to reap me of my hard earn money if by 24hrs I did not receive a transfer deposit.

“I will have to let the cat out of the bag, Cos my lawyer is on this already. If you like be in America I will come for you bro and you know yourself. I will advise you, save your name and work straight to the bank and transfer my money back in peace.”