Seven Reasons Why Your Girlfriend May Leave You For Her Ex


There is some reasons why your girlfriend may leave you for her ex-boyfriend.

Guys take notice of these reasons why your girlfriend may leave you for her ex. The act of falling in love is quite subjective and abstract. There are certain factors (or excuses) to which we rely on, to return to the person who has given us so many headaches. Sad but true. I’m going to tell you the 7 most common reasons why a girl goes back to her ex, so you can learn them and not make the same mistake yourself:

1. Nostalgia

“When you remember the past, remember it as it was”. Human beings have the ability to remember good things a little more that happen to us than the bad things, sometimes forgetting the latter completely. That is, when we think about the past, we tend to idealize it. And this is reflected in our relationships.

2. There are those who are not prepared to be alone.

Being alone. How does that phrase hurt, right? Many people cannot bear it, and they need to link their lives to people, who sometimes do not even really love them, or do them good, just for the fact that they do not feel that loneliness.

3. Leaving the comfort zone is hard

“Better known bad, than good to know”. It’s easy to slip back into a relationship from the past because it’s comfortable. It is difficult to rebuild trust-building with another person, it takes time and work, and many times you think “do I have to do the same job again? Is it worth a try? I will achieve it? And these doubts are what lead you to consider going back to what you had.

4. The security you felt when you were in a relationship

Of any kind, economic, sentimental, or corporeal, feeling safe at the end of the day. Sometimes, we need to bond with the person we knew, because what we already know gives us confidence and security, we know what to stick to. We are afraid of the unknown.

5. The self-belief that you will change what you did not like about him

It is a feeling shared by many women, “I know that for me it will change, I will make it change.”

6. The fear that what you consider yours will be taken away from you

Many women, (but more than you can imagine) return to their ex for fear that they will find a better one, more beautiful, who loves them more and that, in addition, they may change for her. It hurts their ego, and they prefer to go back to him before he never wants to go back.

7. They are fed up with the single life.

Being single means: partying, mingling with people, and getting the best of you all the time. Hard work, exhausting and does not always pay off. So getting back with your ex saves you effort, and hours of makeup and partying that no one will value. Do you know of any other reasons why a girl is able to get back with her ex? If it has happened to you, tell us.

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