See The Top 8 Best Dribblers Of All Time

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8 Best Dribblers Of All Time

Most people think dribbling makes football exciting to watch and today we are here to give you top 8 best dribblers of all time in the world of football.

Here are the top 8 best dribblers of all time in the world of football, their amazing skill and ability to take on defenders and others we enjoy football the most. The amazing thing is, in our list, only a few are still playing football, that is the likes of Lionel Messi.

Now you can go through the list and what they mostly do with the ball below.

7) Best George:

He was a great dribbling player and also a striker. Some believe he is one of the greatest dribbling players of all time. Best’s predominantly right-wing playstyle combines speed, balance, skill, dribbles, bipedalism, and an unrivaled ability to beat a defender with ease.

Although he could also do it with his left foot, he mostly walked away from the opponent’s defenders with his right foot. He was best at using both the inside and outside of his foot to quickly change direction, avoid interceptions, and create room for a shot or pass.

6) Johan Cruyff:

Many saw him as the inevitable successor to Pele. Cruyff had an incredible knack for spotting flaws in an opponent’s defense. When he saw the opening, he would accelerate quickly and rush into the penalty area. He was such a good dribbling player that his hallmark move, the “Cruyff spin”, was named after him.

His propensity to dive deep or drift wide was unheard of for a defender at the time, and it was what set him apart from his rivals. He was the whole team with his incredible composure, perfect balance, tremendous ball control, and an incredible burst of speed.

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5. Ronaldo Nazario:

Ronaldo Nazario, sometimes known as El Fenomeno, is widely regarded as the greatest striker in the history of the game. Like Pele, he was known for his goal-scoring skills and precision finishing, but he was a one-of-a-kind Brazilian striker.

It was a total deal where he could score, create and outsmart his opponent whenever he wanted. He was often seen making incredible solo runs and then effortlessly passing the ball past the goalkeeper. Ronaldo’s famous step-overs were used to great effect.

If he hadn’t been injured, he would have been the greatest player of all time. He may have left a greater legacy than he ever had. In his heyday, nothing could stop him, and the three FIFA World Player of the Year awards are testament to his bravery.

4) Diego Maradona:

Diego Maradona’s career has been defined by brilliance, blurred lines, and, of course, dizzying overabundance. Not many people used the World Cup to captivate the world, but Maradona was one of them.

3) Ronaldinho:

Everything he did was accompanied by a smile, from his subtle touches to the unexpected change of acceleration.

Many saw him as one of football’s most talented players and praised his technical prowess and creativity. Had his heyday lasted longer, he could have been considered the greatest player of all time. On the other hand, it was always a pleasure to watch him play football.

2) Lionel Messi:

In 2004, the left-handed magician took the stage and instantly established himself as one of the greatest of his era. Messi, like his predecessor Diego Maradona, has a lower center of gravity due to his short stature, which gives him better mobility.

He stands out for his ability to change direction quickly and avoid interceptions while leaving the opposition behind with incredible speed. Messi is widely regarded as the best dribbling player in the world and his skills are unrivaled.

1) Garrincha:

He had an incredible connection with football. On a football field, he could achieve things that no one else has ever had or could ever do. When he was at the ball, he had a confident attitude about it. Garrincha allegedly got the ball rolling at his feet.

He would not only defeat his opponents on all fronts but also humiliate and demoralize them. He would take out opponents with sudden acceleration and repeated body swipes. It was nicknamed Alegria do Povo (people’s delight) for its ability to amuse opposing players by making a fool of themselves.


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