See The Moment A Female Barber Meets Her Idol, Stonebwoy [Video]


We all have idols and we would react differently when we see them, but in this female barber‘s case see was soo happy and emotional after seeing her idol, Stonebwoy.

The female barber we are talking about here is called Mary Mensah, she is known to be one of the die-hard fans of the Ghanaian musician. Stonebwoy indeed has love on the street and everywhere in Ghanaian, people love him not only for his talent but his way of life also make his fan love him more.

Now we spotted this video posted online by Mary Mensah which captures the moment she was talking about how fell in love with or got inspired by Stonebwoy’s songs to do what she does now.

Mary made it known that she had an accident some years back, and many people thought she wouldn’t be able to walk again in her life. She also made it known that, after getting to know Stonebwoy’s story about his accident which affect one of his legs, and knowing he was able to continue pursuing his career, he is now a big star and her idol.

Mary Mensah’s craft as a barber secured her an interview in the studios of TV3. Fortunately for her, her idol, Stomebwoy was also present in the studio. She was allowed to meet her idol during the interview to receive a warm hug and have an interaction with him on the show.

Watch the video below:

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