See The Man Who Is Really Producing Automobiles Like What Katanka Does In Ghana

Technology has help many countries or nations like Germany, China, United States and other great countries, it has also help them develop and earn big money worldwide as well as improving their standards of living.

Country like China has develop quickly as a result of increasing its investment in Technical and Vocational Training, rather than remembering and reproducing information in exam halls.

Germany, the United States, Russia, Japan, Korea, and others, are rapidly growing and developing in technology as well. China is now on the mission of investigating nuclear reactors to produce energy for itself as a result of its technological advancements. Recently there was a report that they have succeeded in constructing their own artificial moon.

Now let talk about Africa and see how technology has help in their development. Let enter Ghana, Kantanka is one of the leading companies in terms of technology in Africa, Kantanka started producing a lot of things through the use of technology, it has been in existence for over 35 years. However, instead of previous and current governments providing him with finances and other benefits, he has suffered under their watch.

Kantanka has achieve some level of success through its hard work, constancy and determination, he hasn’t depend on any government’s tremendous backing. Kantanka’s works are now causing a stir in overseas markets such as Dubai.

Aside Kantanka, there are many young people who are following in his footsteps. One of these people is Michael Asidu, called Inventor, he is a good example of what Kantanka does. Michael Asidu, is a young guy from the Western part of Ghana, he is fully into producing automobile products.

Inventor 1 has previously created a number of incredible automobiles. He is mainly interested in automobiles from the early twentieth century. In an interview with Kofi TV, he stated that he enjoys building such automobiles because he wants to establish a brand for himself and gain public trust before delving into modern vehicles.

Inventor1 has released some fantastic automobiles, and I believe the government should do all possible to encourage him. Could he be a threat or competitor to Kantanka? Drop your comments below.

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