See How To Cure Gonorrhea With Garlic Or Turmeric

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See How To Cure Gonorrhea With Garlic Or Turmeric

Gonorrhea could also be a standard Sexually Transmitted Disease caused by a bacterium called gonococcus and it is often very stubborn to treat, and it affects mostly the moist areas of the body.

A person may develop noticeable symptoms for several weeks while some men may never develop symptoms, but this post will expose you to a special method by which you will be ready to use to treat gonorrhea naturally, by using natural crops like garlic or turmeric.

The first symptoms of gonorrhea in men are often feeling of burning or pain during urination., while afterward, greater urgency of urination and a pus-like discharge from the private part and afterward pharyngitis.

And for the women, it’s hard for them to notice once they catch it, though the primary symptoms can appear very almost like common vaginal yeast or bacterial infections. Then the later symptoms, are watery or colorful discharge from the private, pain or burning sensation while urinating, and urge to urinate most frequently.

Also feverish conditions and heavier periods or pharyngitis and also pain during intimacy and sharp pain within the lower abdomen.

See How to use turmeric as a cure

See How To Cure Gonorrhea With Garlic Or Turmeric

One way to cure it is to make a tea out of raw turmeric, just cut a base of turmeric in pieces, make sure you wash it well, add some boiling water to it. Later the turmeric will sink down and make sure you drink all through the whole day, it has a nice taste without any sugars.

See How to use garlic as a cure

See How To Cure Gonorrhea With Garlic Or Turmeric

Garlic has a strong smell and it is likewise known for the antibacterial properties it has, so it is majorly a regular usage for many home solutions which have bacterial complications.

Just pick three of four raw pieces of garlic and take them this way like this one when you wake up in the morning and one in the evening. The dosage is just to take 2 all through the day, make sure you are touching your privates and exercising it, and continuously swallow it with water.

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