See How Our Future Leaders Are Behaving.

Future Leaders

Our future leaders are now turning into something we can not be proud of, just look at how most of them dress and behave.

Talking about what to expect from our future leaders, this article contains what most of them are behaving online. Like a wrecking ball, modernity hit so hard in this generation such that, it has got many people swaying from our culture into adopting other cultures. It is very sad as to why the youth isn’t ashamed to do certain disgusting things.

Whenever I look at how spoilt our generation is, I am made to believe the next generation will do worse. We have been blinded all in the name of fashion and fame. I personally think if we do not find ways to halt these, the future is going to be blurry.

In the good old days, it was very difficult seeing the cleavage of a woman let alone her thighs because our culture frowned upon it. It wouldn’t even cross your mind, exposing your body to other people.

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Nowadays, if a lady wears an extremely long dress, society would make fun of her, telling her that she is old-fashioned. This is a sad reality and it is going to affect us in the long run especially, the future generation.

I am made to ask myself this question, “What happened along the way?” In my opinion, I think the introduction and adoption of technology caused a massive change.

Kids have been exposed to technological tools which have access to the internet. Instead of using this internet to make productive research, they resort to following the unnecessary stuff.

Some want to get famous and so, they do stupid things so they get hyped. I think this shouldn’t be the way.

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We have the freedom to do whatever we want but going this far isn’t cool. I just feel bad for these people and I think we can come together as a country with a plan to stop all these because if we don’t, we are doomed!!!