See How A Final Year Student Misbehaved After Taking Hard Drug Before Project Defense [VIDEO]


A tertiary student did the unimaginable prior to his project defense.

African students are becoming addicted to drugs gradually as we normally see videos of that online. Now, Africa has a long way to go in terms of guiding the youth to become responsible leaders in order to make this continent great again. Today’s news about this young Tertiary student is sad and unbelievable.

This student we are talking about is yet to be identified with a name or the particular school he is enrolled in. The young man is said to be in his final year and according to our source who filmed him, the guy took the hard drugs, Colorado to be specific before going to defend his project.

A video shared online shows the guy dressed in a suit struggling to walk properly. He was misbehaving on the premises of the school and his colleagues had to go and help him sit and relax as his misbehavior was getting out of hand.

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The video shared was captioned as; ”When you take colos before defending your project”

Watch the video below;

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The lady in the video was furious at the guy as she insisted that she will never take the abortion pills her man brought. She then rain some questions on the guy, she asked him to use a spoon to scoop the sperms from her if indeed she doesn’t want to carry the pregnancy.

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Watch the video below;