See How A Female Teacher Landed In Court After Using a Male Student to Satisfy her S3xual Urge

by Ghnewslive

A female teacher of ADC Secondary School in trouble after she tricked a 15-year-old boy to satisfy her against his will.

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There are so many surprise stories in Africa but this one is one of the top ones. The female teacher we are talking about goes by the name Loise Martha Musyoka. She was arrested and appeared in Madaraka law courts where she pleaded not guilty for the acts against her.

According to the Police documents or report, Loise Martha Musyoka enjoyed or used the little boy to satisfy her s3xual urge, and this matter got to the police after the little boy opened up to his mother about everything that took place in the female teacher’s house.

From the information we have from the court, this woman or female teacher did the act to the 15-year-old boy on 16th October inside her house located in the Njiru sub-county.

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It is also said that on that fateful day, the female teacher touched the minor’s privates as opposed to the law. The meeting between the two began on 5th October when the teacher asked the minor to drop by her house and help her fix a wallpaper. Unfortunately, the boy was not at home, so he promised to drop by her house some other time.

As he had promised earlier, the boy dropped at his teacher’s home in a company of 7 other students from their school where they fixed the wallpaper. Days later, the boy together with his friend dropped in their teacher’s house, they had the urge to use the house’s WiFi which prompted the boy to ask his teacher who was in her bedroom.

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While there, the teacher turned everything and started exchanging saliva with the boy, she removed the boy’s clothes and forced him to satisfy her in bed. All this time, there was an overseer who saw how the female teacher lured male pupils into her house. In this last case, he was forced to make a formal complaint which saw the teacher arrested.

She however pleaded not guilty and was released on Ksh200,000 bond pending hearing is scheduled to take place on 4th April 2022.

We are following this case and we will update you on the outcome…

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