SDK Dele Speaks Up On His Outstanding Work Productivity

Endowed Ghanaian skit creator, SDK Dele, has reflected upon his motivational tendencies in relation to his work ethics.

SDK Dele
SDK Dele

Famous Ghanaian skit maker, SDK Dele, formally known as Sadik Sulley, has effectively turned into Ghana’s main skit creator.

Given the accelerated motion of his popularity rate throughout the African dimension, with his substance turning into a highly sought after source of stress releasing content in the mainland, SDK Dele didn’t begin his career journey on a recent notice. The Ghanaian imaginator has been in the business for more than 5 years at this point.

Half a month prior, he was recorded among the world’s best 50 iPhone powerhouses after his skit about the new Apple’s most recent tech edition, iPhone 14, turned into a web sensation.

Discussing what has being his empowering source of unstoppable dispensation towards his work ethics recently, SDK uncovered that the untimely departure of his dad has energized him to really step it up. As per him, he wasn’t this professionally inclined, during the existence of his dad.

SDK Dele
SDK’s late father

“It is sad but it has been great ever since my father passed away because his loss has even motivated me to work extra hard” SDK so remarked, to Amansan Krakye during an interview on the Kastle Entertainment Show.

SDK’s dad, the late Francis Sulley, passed away in November last year. Prior to his demise, late Francis Sulley made his mark by highlighting in his son’s contents, accomplishing him some acclaim before his unexpected end.

As indicated by SDK Dele, he was not driving himself to produce more skits when his dad was alive.

“When my dad was around, everyday he comes to my room to ask what I am doing and I wasn’t putting videos out like how I’m doing now,” he stated.

SDK Dele
SDK Dele iphone 14 pro skit promo

“I used to post only one video and relax for some time before I will come back to do another one but he always advised me that time no dey so if I have something doing, I should do it now,” he added on.

The Ghanaian skit maker added on saying, “so those word always reminds me and I carry it along wherever I go”. This year, SDK has demonstrated he is adaptable as he has made various productions with several characters in his skts.

Some of the characters he has portrayed in his expanding profession so far includes, Dr. Bawumia, Tim Cook, an evening radio commentator, as well as other comic driven character imitations.