Sarkodie Predicted To Soon Have Body Tattoos

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Ghanaian rap king, Sarkodie, is predicted to soon have tattoos all around his body, in light of his recent shift in lifestyle choices.

Not very far in the past, Ghanaian rap hotshot, Michael Owusu Addo, referred to in the music business as Sarkodie, transparently elucidated about his recently addictive behavior towards smoking.

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Sarkodie Predicted To Soon Have Body Tattoos
Ghanaian rapper: Sarkodie

The commended rapper has abruptly experienced passionate sensations for smoking stogies, as he consistently displays himself in music videos, as well as public places of convenience, engaged in the act of inhaling and exhaling smoke fumes.

He was labeled as a terrible impact on the young generation. However, the acclaimed taller has so appropriately justified his new found hobby, by stating that smoking stogies for someone of his calibre, connotes significance and triumph.

Revealing insightful tips into his most recent way of life and smoking habits, the rapper unveiled that he never had accepted that he would become attached to stogies, not to mention, being seen confidently smoking it out freely.

Sarkodie, rather than admit to the fact that he has become addicted to smoking cigars, claims he is merely a consumer or user of the product, and only simply enjoys the feeling he gets from smoking.

He likewise hinted that he embraced the demeanor of smoking, due to his somewhat indicisive nature of making substantive decisions or life choices, and resorted to smoking, for a clear headed space of thinking efficiency, whenever he needs to make tough choices.

Sarkodie Predicted To Soon Have Body Tattoos
Sarkodie and Showbiz pundit, Ruby

The proud father of two, said he never anticipated himself being dependent on hard medications in the process of his growth, however, his image as an rap artist deems it right, hence he needed to rethink his decisions, and began smoking after his realization.

“I don’t trust myself… I never thought I would be smoking cigars, but look at me now, I smoke” the rapper admitted.

Regarding the unexpected change in Sarkodie’s way of life, Ruthy, a showbiz pundit, surmises that Sarkodie would prematurely transition himself into a tattoo fiend.

As per Ruthy, in the studios of Kumasi-based FM station known as Nhyira, the fact that Sarkodie couldn’t control or maintain his urges in relation to his smoking habits, makes him an easy target for other sorts of unexpected life changes, because it is evident that the rapper would soon be prone to have skin tattoos all around his body, given his trend.


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