Sarkodie Delves Into Why He Stays Away From Record Label Contracts

Diverse award winning Ghanaian rapper, Michael Owusu Addo, widely known in the entertainment circles as Sarkodie, has revealed the basis for why he has tried not to work with other record labels.

Sarkodie has been an independent artiste for the better part of his career in the music business, working under his own record label, SarkCess Music label for a really long time, and has never worked under another record label. Many individuals have asked why he has never explored the business side of working under another record label, other than his.

Explaining why he has never been endorsed under any other record label, Sarkodie opened up with reasons in his new rap tune called “Fraud (man) in Suit”. He talked about how record label agreements frequently cheat musicians signed under them and furthermore take their independences from them.


“There’s always going to be some fraud [man] in a suit, trying to give you some money to stay mute. Always been part of the game, this is not new,” the Ghanaian rap lord lyrically noted.

“How many be real owners? Just a few,” he indicated the condition of how many musicians tend not to have control over their music rights, or have as much as they may like to exhibit to the world.

“Buy a beautiful house, trust the view, Don’t trust nobody, my [man], trust you. There’s nobody really in the game and that’s true,” he carefully advised his fellow artistes who’re aiming for some semblance of success in the industry like him.

“The label business is a game, [man],” he emphasized, and addressed the matter of making money your own way, which gives you freedom and leverage as an artiste, to do away with fishy record label deals, as he made notice of earlier. “We have the money now so [forget] you,” the rapper said, in response to greedy record labels who leech off of artistes, during their endorsement deals, for their personal goals.

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