SAD!: See What Happened After A wife Got To Know She Is Married To Her Biological Brother (VIDEO)

Domitila, wife of a man narrates how she got to know her husband is her biological brother from the same mother and father.

Biological Brother

Domitila who is married to her biological brother narrated the story by making it known that her mother died after she was born and her father also followed, at that time she was very little and didn’t know anything or what has ever happened to her parent.

According to her, one of her relatives took her to her house and was taking care of her, that woman then made it known to her that she has a big brother but the family doesn’t know whether he was alive or had also joined the dead because no one has seen him after the death of the parents.

Domitila was then working as a house help in town, that is where she met a very handsome man and fell in love with him right away, they dated for some time and decided to live together as husband and wife, after some years they gave birth to three children.

Biological Brother

One day she invited one of her relatives to their house and this is where she was shocked to know that her husband is her biological brother, which means they are both from the same mother and father. According to the woman, she has been hiding from people since that day and she is confused now.

She also made it known that since her kids were born with deformities the neighbors also started bulling her telling her that it was because she had s3xual intimacy with her brother and the ancestors were angry with them.

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As of now, she is living alone as the husband who is now known to be her brother has left her with three kids and doesn’t even care about the kids anymore.

The woman is now pleading with the general public and well-wishers to help her with a donation so that she can start a business to take care of her kids because right now she has no one to turn to and her kids need to eat.


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