SAD news as Patapaa and his German wife break up


It has come to our attention that Ghanaian musician Patapaa and his wife have separated, as shown by the information bubbling up at our front desk.

In 2021, Justice Amoah, better known as Patapaa in the entertainment industry, wed German Liha Miller, who was born in Turkey.

It has been stated that the couple divorced a little more than a year after their spectacular wedding ceremony.

When Patapaa was on tour in Europe in 2019, he made his first introduction to Liha Miller in Germany. The two immediately became close friends.

The woman travelled to be with him for the Christmas holiday in December of 2019, during which they pushed their relationship to the next level.

They had their wedding ceremony on the first of the new year, 2021, in Patapaa’s hometown of Agona Swedru.

The sad reality is that what was once a wonderful love tale has now come to an end.